The push/pull of weekend migration

When it comes to migration, push and pull factors are what makes people move. Push factors are bad things about your current location that makes you want to leave. Pull factors are the awesome qualities about your destination that make you want to go there. When I decided to move to Indonesia it was mostly based on a set of…

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Visit Yogyakarta!

Last month I spent a week in Yogya learning Bahasa Indonesia with Wisma Bahasa. The weekend before school started I did some exploring, but that wasn’t enough time to really cover everything. After returning to Jakarta I got an unusual invitation: “Do you wanna come to Yogya and check out a chicken church?”

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Surfing Sawarna in Banten

YES!! That should be your answer if somebody invites you for a surf trip to Sawarna. In all the places on Java I’ve been so far, the locals always mentioned this spot: “Oooh, you should go. Good wave. Less people.” Last weekend my time had finally come. Getting to this spot was an adventure. I was sitting in the car trying…

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