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Mau ke mana?

“Mau ke mana?” said one of the security guards in my office building when I came dragging in through the security checkpoint with a surfboard Friday morning. It means where are you going? Me: “Mau ke Lombok.” “aah, ke Lombok lagi?” (To Lombok again?) Me: “Ya. Mau ikut?” (Yes, wanna join?) “Haha, tidak bisa.” (Cannot.)

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Surfing Gerupuk Bay in Lombok

The coastal area on South Lombok has world-class beauty, and the people there are super friendly. It is one of my favorite places on the planet! I get up before the sunrise, grab my board, get into the small wooden boat and wake up on the way out to the waves at Gerupuk Inside. The wave is easy and…

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Surfing Ekas Bay in Lombok

You don’t have to be a dying religious person to go to heaven, you can catch a flight to Lombok and drive down to Ekas Bay. Far east on the south coast of Lombok there’s a resort called Heaven On The Planet. It’s a cocky name, but it does live up to it.

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