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Postcards from Java

Two weeks traveling through Java I invited 7 of my most adventurous friends to Indonesia and dragged them on a two week trip through the most populous island in the world. During the trip we were on a small 12 seater airplane, and some of us crashed a scooter. We surfed a long mellow point…

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Christmas in West Timor

Christmas is all about traditions Three years ago my brother caught his first wave on a longboard on Waikiki beach. We had bbq and beers for Christmas dinner, and we were of course wearing Hawaii shirts. It was the best Christmas ever. The year after we went to Morocco for two weeks and celebrated Christmas at…

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Fighting Komodo Dragons!

I feel like I say this every time I come home from a trip, but last week I had one of my best nature experiences so far in Indonesia (maybe in my life). I went to visit the real Jurassic Park, also known as Komodo National Park. This awesome group of islands are located in the western…

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