About me

My name is Ronny Valstad. I’m a Norwegian working and living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve already been here for almost three years and will stay for four years in total. I love Indonesia!! I started this page to entertain myself. It is a way for me to share more of my pictures, and some stories, from my life/trips in this awesome country.

My Indonesia bucket list:
1. Surf most of the regions (Mentawai is the last major one on my list)
2. Hike volcanos (Not leaving this country until I’ve climbed Semeru, Tambora and Kerinci)
3. See and do a lot of other awesome stuff (Tana Toraja and Banda Islands)
4. Learning as much Bahasa Indonesia as I can

This is what I look like on a small boat:

0326 Gerupuk påske 113.jpg

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