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After a week in Raja Ampat, we went to Manokwari to see some more of the West Papua province. Our plan was to stay up in the Arfak mountains in a village for a few nights, but we decided to spend them in a hotel in the city instead. It is possible that we were on the brink of an overdose of new impressions and needed some rest. We went to the Arfak mountains on a day trip instead, and it was a very interesting experience.

Here are some photos from our short trip to Manokwari and the Arfak mountains:

180103 0004 Manokwari
This cool kid and his friends were playing around in the ocean-side park in Manokwari. They were having so much fun, and couldn’t stop laughing.
180103 0003 Manokwari180103 0002 Manokwari
180103 0001 Manokwari
We went to see what the local market had to offer. This charming lady was selling snake fruit, durian, and bats. Awesome mix of products!
180104 0014 Manokwari
For our road trip to the Afrak mountains, we were put into these three badass cars. The roads connecting the villages in the mountains were only between 5 and 10 years old. Before that, you would have to walk for days to reach them. The roads are not of excellent quality, so it requires at least a 4wd. A brave driver also helps. We had both.
180104 0012 Manokwari
180104 0005 Manokwari
On several occasions, we saw people walking along the side of the road carrying a bow and arrows.
180104 0006 Manokwari
We stopped at a couple of villages to meet and talk to the locals. They showed us their houses and how they live. We met the happiest man in the world, he was wearing a Christmas sweater. I’m not sure about the sweater, but I’m pretty sure he’s wearing the smile all year round.
180104 0007 Manokwari180104 0008 Manokwari180104 0009 Manokwari
180104 0010 Manokwari
Bustar, our friend and guide, has been a friend of this village for a long time. He helped explain to us how the locals live in harmony with the local environment. Thanks for introducing us to your friends, Bustar!
180104 0011 Manokwari
180104 0013 Manokwari
This is my friend and colleague from the embassy. He works fulltime with saving the rainforest. Keep up the good work!
180104 0015 Manokwari180104 0016 Manokwari
180104 0017 Manokwari
By the end of the day, one of my friends decided he wanted one of those bows for himself. We stopped and asked a group of fully equipped hunters if any of them would be interested in selling a bow and a couple of arrows. Only one of them agreed to sell his equipment. For the rest of them, the bow was priceless. Thanks for letting me witness the best souvenir shopping ever!
180104 0018 Manokwari
They told us they use the bows for hunting birds and wild boars. If you want to taste Papuan wild boar, they serve it in Up in Smoke in Mega Kuningan. It’s delicious!

Even though this was a short trip, it gave me a glimpse of a different world. It helped to move my imagination a bit further. I hope I can come back someday and stay longer, maybe to stay in one of the villages, and going hunting with the guys. My bucket list keeps getting weirder and weirder…

No practical information here. If you want to explore this area you will figure it out! If you have any questions, I will be happy to help you out!

Thanks for scrolling through, Ronny.

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