Wedding, waves and wraps in Gerupuk

This is another photo special from my favorite weekend getaway. A couple of weeks ago I went to Gerupuk (yes again) to hang out with my brother and his girlfriend, and my friends in the village.

This is a short summary of any of my weekends in Gerupuk: Surfing, chicken avocado wraps, photo safari and village life. I feel like there’s always something interesting happening in Gerupuk, this time there was a wedding.

170507 0017 Lombok wedding weekend
Sup and his daughter Olive hanging out in Chillout Cafe. 
170507 0018 Lombok wedding weekend
170507 0019 Lombok wedding weekend
Sup helping my brother getting ready for a traditional wedding
170507 0020 Lombok wedding weekend
Olive getting ready
170507 0021 Lombok wedding weekend
Naomi getting a Sasak makeover
170507 0022 Lombok wedding weekend
Sudah siap!
170507 0024 Lombok wedding weekend
The Chillout sisters are ready for the wedding too. And laughing like always! 
170507 0023 Lombok wedding weekend
Local style.
170507 0016 Lombok wedding weekend170507 0015 Lombok wedding weekend

They all took off for the ceremony in another village, where the parents of the bride lives. Unfortunately I had to catch a plane back to reality.

170507 0011 Lombok wedding weekend
170507 0012 Lombok wedding weekend
Lars and Naomi
170507 0014 Lombok wedding weekend
When your brother is more tan and has a bigger spray than you…
170507 0013 Lombok wedding weekend
170506 0001 Lombok wedding weekend
Classic Gerupuk Inside.
170506 0002 Lombok wedding weekend
Right when I decided the conditions were crap, this guy landed an air.

If you’re having a bad day surfing in Gerupuk, you can always get on a scooter and explore the beautiful coastline.

170506 0010 Lombok wedding weekend170506 0006 Lombok wedding weekend170506 0005 Lombok wedding weekend170506 0007 Lombok wedding weekend170506 0004 Lombok wedding weekend170506 0003 Lombok wedding weekend170506 0008 Lombok wedding weekend170506 0009 Lombok wedding weekend

I’m going back to Lombok next week, but not for surfing. There’s a volcano waiting to be conquered…


Lombok Surf trip

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