Komodo Island – Damn I love Indonesia

This is a blog post with a lot of pictures from my two weeks of jumping from one awesome location to another. Bali, Komodo and Lombok is a deadly combination. Damn I love Indonesia.

Baik baik motorbike

Bring a crew of legends, rent a villa in Berawa, rent scooters, go sunrise surfing, eat breakfast, get in the pool, eat hipster certified lunch, find yourself in a rice field, drink some vanilla bullshit latte cappa thing (Larry!), get drunk on a beach bar while watching the sunset, be hyperactive on social media, eat something half-vegan, get back to the pool… This is how you Bali. It’s pretty awesome!

I would highly recommend getting under the touristy surface and learning more about Bali’s fascinating culture. There are probably many ways to do this, but one way is to do a language course with Cinta Bahasa. My teachers were awesome! Here are some phrases to get you going:
“Selamat pagi” (Good morning)
“Apa kabar?” (How are you?)
“Baik-baik motorbike” (I’m good (and funny))
“Mau ke mana?” (Where are you going?)
“Ke hatimu” (To your heart)
“Jangan kepo!” (Don’t be nosy)
“Minta satu bir” (One beer please)
“Satu lagi!” (One more!)

I never take a lot of pictures when I’m in Bali. I don’t know why.

170405 0003 Bali life
Stjørdalinga (plural of Stjørdaling, a person coming from Stjørdal, a place close to Hell.)
170411 0004 Bali life
Sunrise view from the top of our Villa.
170412 0010 Bali life
We spent enough time in this pool.
170405 0001 Bali life
Mandatory rice field mission.
170411 0006 Bali life
Sunset at Single Fin Uluwatu
170411 0005 Bali life170411 0007 Bali life170411 0009 Bali life170411 0008 Bali life

Check my post about my favorite surf spots in Bali

Smartphones and chickens

A three-day boat trip in Komodo National Park is a perfect combination of short adventure stops and a lot of time chilling on the boat.

170406 0002 Komodo trip170406 0003 Komodo trip170406 0004 Komodo trip170406 0005 Komodo trip170406 0006 Komodo trip170406 0007 Komodo trip170406 0013 Komodo trip170407 0031 Komodo trip170408 0047 Komodo trip170408 0048 Komodo trip170408 0049 Komodo trip170406 0014 Komodo trip

This time I specifically asked to go to Padar Island for sunrise or sunset. We ended up doing both. Padar Island is the third biggest island in the national park, located between Rinca and Komodo Isand. A short hike gives you the most beautiful view in the world.

170407 0017 Komodo trip170406 0015 Komodo trip170407 0020 Komodo trip170407 0021 Komodo trip170406 0016 Komodo trip170407 0022 Komodo trip170407 0024 Komodo trip170407 0023 Komodo trip170407 0025 Komodo trip

During a trip like this you get two chances to see the dinosaurs. First on Rinca Island, then on Komodo Island. These very lazy creatures are mostly laying around doing nothing, but they are deadly animals and one dragon alone can easily kill and eat a buffalo. There are many of these giant lizards on these islands, just remember that when the only thing protecting you is one guide and his wooden stick…

170406 0012 Komodo trip170406 0009 Komodo trip170406 0010 Komodo trip170406 0011 Komodo trip170407 0032 Komodo trip170407 0033 Komodo trip170407 0034 Komodo trip170407 0035 Komodo trip170407 0036 Komodo trip

“They have chickens and goats in their houses, but they have smartphones. Amazing.” (Stjørdaling 2017). We made a stop in the village on Komodo Island. The kids in the village are awesome! They were a bit shy at first, but after I asked them if I could take a picture of them they almost wouldn’t let us leave the island. Everywhere in Indonesia you will meet happy and friendly people.

170407 0037 Komodo trip170407 0038 Komodo trip170407 0040 Komodo trip170407 0039 Komodo trip170407 0041 Komodo trip170407 0042 Komodo trip170407 0044 Komodo trip170407 0043 Komodo trip

Some people say I’m wasting my time going to Komodo without diving, the national park is frequently found on lists for top diving destinations in the world. A trip to Komodo is fantastic even without the diving! It’s hard to choose the best part of the trip, but snorkeling with manta rays is definitely up there.

170408 0051 Komodo trip170408 0050 Komodo trip170408 0046 Komodo trip170408 0045 Komodo tripDCIM110GOPRODCIM110GOPRODCIM110GOPRODCIM110GOPRO
Good times.

This was my second trip to Komodo, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my last. I’ll try to include some diving in my next visit. Check out my post from my last trip to Komodo.

If there is some part of the national park that I’ve been missing out on, please let me know!

Cut the banana!

Last year I went to Lombok to celebrate Easter for a week with a group of friends. This year my friends went home to Norway to play in the snow, so I went to Lombok alone to keep the Easter tradition alive. Gerupuk is like a second home for me in Indonesia. The surf is great, there are many cool places to visit, and the locals (like everywhere else in Indonesia) are great people.

170413 0001 Lombok banana170413 0002 Lombok banana170413 0004 Lombok banana170417 0009 Lombok banana170417 0010 Lombok banana170417 0011 Lombok banana

They were setting up for a party in the village. Cooking a lot of food, singing karaoke and putting up decoration. It went on for three days and nights. Luckily it all happened right outside my bedroom so I didn’t miss out on any of it. At one point they were carrying a little boy and his mother on a horse through the streets, accompanied by live flute music from a pair of speakers.

What is all this for?
“They will cut the banana.”
Huh? Oh, you mean his banana?

The whole village was involved and very excited. Except maybe the little boy whose banana was about to be cut…

170416 0005 Lombok banana170416 0008 Lombok banana170416 0006 Lombok banana170416 0007 Lombok banana

Two great weeks out of office came to an end. Back in Jakarta now looking at calendars, maps and bank accounts. Next up is a visit to Heaven.

Terima kasih,


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