Mau ke mana? Lombok

Mau ke mana?” said one of the security guards in my office building when I came dragging in through the security checkpoint with a surfboard Friday morning. It means where are you going?

Me: “Mau ke Lombok.”

aah, ke Lombok lagi?” (To Lombok again?)

Me: “Ya. Mau ikut?” (Yes, wanna join?)

Haha, tidak bisa.” (Cannot.)

Some people ask me why I always go there, and tell me that I should visit other places too. The short answer is “Haha”. The longer answer is that the south coast of Lombok is a beautiful place, it’s the best option for a weekend surf trip from Jakarta, and I really like the locals there. So far I’ve done pretty well on visiting other parts of Indonesia too, but it’s really nice to have a place where I can meet familiar faces, while surfing and practicing my Bahasa Indonesia.

170114 0003 Gerupuk mau ke mana.jpg
This is me practicing not getting barreled…

I’ve said it many times: The surf experience in Gerupuk is one of the coolest there is. Gerupuk inside, when it’s not too crowded, is a fun and easy wave. It’s optimal for practicing turns and having a good time. Even when it gets bigger it stays fairly mellow.

The locals are ripping!
After putting your feet on your board, the biggest challenge is not crashing in the soup of people and boards.
It’s always interesting to see what good surfers are able to do on the same waves I’m mostly cruising on.

If learning a new language is a pain in the ass,  my ass seems to be extra sensitive. Every day I try to practice. Sometimes more, sometimes less. And every day it seems like I can’t remember a single new word. Somehow I’ve reached a level where I am able to communicate on a basic level. Learning the local language even a little bit opens up doors to different kind of experiences. So when I asked one of the girls running the homestay “Mau ke mana?”, I ended up going with her on a mission to the traditional market buying chicken and vegetables. On the way back I had the real Indo experience: Driving a scooter with a grownup sitting behind me and a kid standing in front of me. The rain was pouring. I wish I had a picture of that for my memory book…


I really don’t mind going to Gerupuk alone. The locals are super cool and take good care of me. These are some of the familiar faces I meet every time I go to Gerupuk:

160325 0001 Gerupuk mau ke mana-2.jpg
Wanna go surfing in Gerupuk? Sup is your guy! (Supratman Oza on Facebook)
Oto and Memet will shoot your session on Gerupuk Inside.
Herman in Warung Turtle will serve you lunch in beautiful Tanjung Aan.

Me and Sup were trying to count how many times I’ve visited Lombok. I think it’s at least 12 (not always Gerupuk). I see no reason to stop, every visit just keeps getting better.


Lombok Surf trip

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