Visit Norway!

For the second time in 2 months I went home to Norway for only 4 days of family time. It includes a stupid travel-to-stay ratio, it’s quite expensive, and it puts me through two rounds of jetlag. There’s still no doubt that it has been the right thing to do. Traveling doesn’t bother me too much, and I have a pretty good travel kit to help me sleep on the plane (no drugs). (ps I love you Qatar Airways)

While I was home there was a tourism workshop in Jakarta to promote tourism to Scandinavia for Indonesians. I was supposed to be there to answer questions about the visa application process. Since I missed it I thought I would do my own little Visit Norway thing here. I did a fast scroll through my pictures from Norway from the last 5 years and found some that made me want to visit my own country even more often.

Winter in Norway is cold, dark and beautiful. This picture might have been taken in the middle of the day, and the sun is already setting.
Mountain girls leading the way up the mountain.
This is what a roadtrip in Norway looks like.
Family time in the summer.
When I walk through landscape like this I automatically start humming on the soundtrack from The Lord Of The Rings movies.
Lavvu camping in the mountains with friends.
Norwegian mountain girl half way between the fjord and the summit.
Another roadtrip.
This is midnight in northern Norway in the summer. The sun never sets!
I doubt you will find this waterfall on any tourist map…
The same goes for this little canyon. It’s just not pretty enough…
Perfect place to chill after a canoe trip.
There’s nothing special about this place. Average fairy tale scene in Norway.

Takk for turan!



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