Surfing Ekas Bay in Lombok

You don’t have to be a dying religious person to go to heaven, you can catch a flight to Lombok and drive down to Ekas Bay. Far east on the south coast of Lombok there’s a resort called Heaven On The Planet. It’s a cocky name, but it does live up to it.

Heaven is all inclusive so you don’t have to bring much. I brought my surfboard, but you can borrow one for free (well, it’s included). The boat out to the surf spots is included and have a flexible schedule. You can eat all you want and the food is delicious, you do however have to pay for the Bintang. There’s a pool with a view, and a semi-daily massage is also part of the deal. I saw a sign pointing out the direction for skateboards, tennis, and yoga too, but I didn’t have time to check it out. If you’re planning on going to heaven, stay for more than two days!

When it comes to surfing, this place is great! Both breaks are fun, and the location is beautiful. The water is almost too clear. While sitting in the lineup you can see the details of the reef and all the fish swimming around. I think I saw a tiny shark, but it wasn’t big enough to end my session. When the sun sets they turn the cliff-top lights on, so you can continue surfing into the night. I decided to make that an item on my bucket list so I could check it off at once.

Heaven looks decent too:

160828 0008 htop Lombok
Morning drone flight overlooking Inside- and Outside Ekas surf breaks.
160828 0010 htop Lombok
A beautiful coastline with Rinjani in the background.
160827 0003 htop Lombok
You can watch the waves roll in on Inside Ekas while eating breakfast in heaven.
160827 0005 htop Lombok
I had to reconfirm that SUP is harder than it looks. It looks easy, right? It’s not.
160827 0001 htop Lombok-2
Pick-up and drop-off zone for the surf shuttle boat.
160827 0001 htop Lombok
Sunrise drone flight in Ekas.
160828 0011 htop Lombok
Ekas is the perfect place for a SUP adventure.
160612 0016 htop Lombok
Even though heaven is not too crowded, it doesn’t mean people know how to behave in the lineup. Hard to keep track of who is dropping in on whom.
160612 0017 htop Lombok
In this case, the rightful surfer got the wave to himself, eventually.

That’s it, Ronny.

Note to self (and other surfers):
Location: Ekas Bay, Lombok. Fly Garuda from Jakarta to Lombok International Airport, then it’s a one hour + drive to Heaven On The Planet. There are also plenty of flights every day between Bali and Lombok. Sometimes I’ve met surfers in the lineup making the trip from Kuta or Gerupuk just for a session.
Surf: Inside Ekas and Outside Ekas. This is paradise for goofy footers. Inside is mainly a fun left and a shorter right. I’ve had one really good session when the right was pumping. Outside is a beast of a left, on my scale. I chickened out the first time I went there, but the last time I grew some balls and caught a few fun ones. Bring quick fix and wax. There are a few spots on the outside of the bay too. You need to get a car or a scooter to get there. When we went it didn’t look appealing at all, so we went back dry.
Eat: Not too many options outside the resorts I guess. Heaven On The Planet has excellent food.
Sleep: Bungalows in Ekas Breaks Resort is a short drive from the boat that takes you out to the waves. We stayed there the first time. The last few times we stayed at Heaven on the Planet, in the clifftop villa overlooking Inside Ekas. Both places are nice! Might be some homestays in the area too.
Repeat: Absolutely. Been there three times. It’s a great weekend getaway from Jakarta. For more affordable and crowded options, go to Gerupuk Bay further west.

Lombok Surf trip

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