Family time in Norway

This weekend was a bit outside the boarders of my normal weekend travel madness. It takes about 24 hours to get from Jakarta to my hometown, and I only spent 96 hours there. Normally I wouldn’t travel home just for a long weekend, but there was a lot of very important family stuff going on at the same time.

160817 0001 Stjørdal
Last summer I went on a canoe trip with my father, stepmother and brother in this national park. After sleeping under the open sky, me and my brother dragged our skis up one of the hills and went for an early morning summer-slush session. We can’t wait to have our father out of the hospital, so we can go on more awesome family trips like this. Get well soon!

160817 0002 Stjørdal
This is the road from my hometown to Sweden. One of the main reasons to go to Sweden is to pick up cheap beer and wine. If you bring more than the allowed quota, the customs officers will take your beer and charge you for it. Apparently.
160818 0003 Stjørdal
The good thing about having a jet lag is that I get to be a morning person for a couple of days. We used to spend all summer at this beach, playing volleyball, drinking ice tea and cooling off in the fjord. The fjord is excellent for cooling off very fast. 
160819 0004 Stjørdal
Old school sunset vibes in our neighborhood. If you spend some time in Jakarta, you’ll realize just how quiet and peaceful Stjørdal is.
160819 0005 Stjørdal
Brother 1
160819 0082 Stjørdal bryllup.jpg
Brother 2
160819 0008 Stjørdal
We framed this picture and gave it to our parents as a wedding present. Thanks for a great weekend!

Now I’m back in Jakarta, fighting the jet lag and looking forward to a month full of adventures in Indonesia!



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