The push/pull of weekend migration

When it comes to migration, push and pull factors are what makes people move. Push factors are bad things about your current location that makes you want to leave. Pull factors are the awesome qualities about your destination that make you want to go there. When I decided to move to Indonesia it was mostly based on a set of strong pull factors: a job, lots of adventures, good surfing etc. There’s not too much pushing going on in Norway (except maybe the weather sometimes).

Life in Jakarta has turned me into a semi-nomadic weekend migrant. There are just way too many strong pull factors, and a few push factors, to sit still:

Push. Just to be clear: I’m not complaining about my situation, I love living here! But there are a few things that push me out of Jakarta every weekend. Jakarta is too big for me, I’m used to living in small cities like Oslo (and much smaller). Jakarta has the worst traffic in the world (for real). The air pollution is at an unhealthy level most days, so I end up spending too much time inside. There’s a serious lack of nature-like public spaces to enjoy anyway.

Pull. I didn’t move to Indonesia for Jakarta’s restaurants, nightclubs and rooftop bars (although some of them are very nice). This country has more than 13.000 islands and a million cool things to do! Legendary surfing (also for kooks), world class diving, epic volcano hiking, and much more. Every weekend I spend in this city, is a weekend I could have spent doing something completely awesome! Besides, I’m already spending my weekdays here. Let me show you some pictures of the places that are pulling me out of Jakarta on a regular basis.

160323 0003 push pull
The south coast of Lombok might be my favorite place in the world.
160623 0006 push pull
The area has so many fun waves, in beautiful surroundings!
160517 0005 push pull
Batu Karas in West Java is another favorite.
160517 0004 push pull
This is the beginning of the long mellow ride at Batu Karas.
160207 0002 push pull
I spent some mandatory time in Canggu, Bali…
151004 0001 push pull
And found some fun lefts in Medewi, also in Bali.

This weekend I’m trying my best to sit still in Jakarta. I thought I would take the time to organize my pictures, plan some weekend-getaways to new destinations, and book some of my planned trips for the next few months. Good times ahead.

If  you have any good recommendations for Bunaken, Ternate or Sumba, or suggestions for awesome weekend getaways from Jakarta, please let me know!


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