Visit Yogyakarta!

Last month I spent a week in Yogya learning Bahasa Indonesia with Wisma Bahasa. The weekend before school started I did some exploring, but that wasn’t enough time to really cover everything. After returning to Jakarta I got an unusual invitation: “Do you wanna come to Yogya and check out a chicken church?”

Of course I wanna check out a chicken church! How could I say no to that? So this weekend I went back. During my first year in Indoneisa I’ve been really bad at going places that doesn’t have surf. This country has so much more to offer, so I’ll try to be more balanced during my next two years and do more stuff like this. The following pictures are from two weekends in Yogyakarta.

160716 0005 Yogya etc
First day in Yogya. Didn’t have the best sunrise ever, but Borobudur was still amazing!
160716 0004 Yogya etc
This guy is enjoying the sunset from Borobudur every single day.
160716 0008 Yogya etc
It took me three weeks to learn the name of this place. I will never forget it. (It’s called Prambanan, right?)
160716 0009 Yogya etc
There are countless temples to visit in Yogya. This is Candi Ratu Boko. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone!
160717 0004 Yogya etc
Second day: Standing on the top of Gunung Merapi, looking into one of the most active volcanoes in South East Asia. It was supposed to be a sunrise trip, but we got lost in the jungle on the way up. My advice is: Choose the normal way up. Sometimes normal is better.
160718 0007 Yogya dos_
A different macet in Alun-Alun, Yogyakarta. (Macet is the Indonesian word for traffic jam)
160806 0003 Yogya dos_
3rd day, watching a magical sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu. Overlooking Borobudur.
160806 0002 Yogya dos_
This is a chicken church! The guards were cool, they invented flight permit fee when I was setting up the drone for takeoff.
160807 0010 Yogya dos_
Day 4: There’s a bunch of beautiful beaches in the area. This is one of the cleanest beaches I’ve been to in Indonesia. I saw some small empty coves from my drone flight, might have to go back with a tent and my board.
160807 0004 Yogya dos_
There could be waves in the area… Didn’t see any surfers.
160807 0006 Yogya dos_
Last stop: Goa Jomblang! The only pair of rubber boots left was size 39. I’m size 45. Spent almost as long getting in and out of the boots, as I did the cave. Thanks to Random Models Agency for excellent posing.

Visit Yogya!


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