Surfing Pelabuhan Ratu Bay in West Java

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking!

I’ve decided I’m gonna be a pilot. On Friday after work I went to Ambassador Mall and bought a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced (a quadcopter drone). Thanks to Øystein for helping me pick one out, and teaching me the basics of flying. I’m ready for takeoff.

Last time I went to Pelabuhan Ratu we were driving around searching for waves, until we ended up at a sweet little point break right next to Ocean Queen Resort. It was an easy, long and fun wave, and not crowded at all! This time we stayed at Ocean Queen Resort so I figured I’d get to surf that spot a lot, but for some reason that spot wasn’t even thinking about breaking. I brought my board and my camera, and went looking for some waves further east. After 20 minutes of driving, and a few short stops at some decent beach breaks, I reached Cimaja. I decided to give it a try, but then I found out my under-seat compartment didn’t fit my camera… I didn’t want to leave it unguarded on the beach, so I drove back home dry as a bone. I spent more time driving a scooter and flying the drone than actually surfing this weekend. I definitely had more waves last time I went to Pelabuhan Ratu, but I finally got to surf the famous Sawarna (more on that later) so I’m happy. Next time I’ll bring less cameras, and surf more! (yeah right)

Flying a drone is super exciting! So that was probably one of the coolest things that happened on this trip. I can’t wait to bring the drone to some of my favorite spots in Indonesia, and see them from new angles. Just have to figure out how to bring the drone on an airplane!

Please be seated for landing, Ronny.

160730 0001 Pelabuhan Ratu og Sawarna
Consider this coastline for your next surf adventure.
160731 0008 Pelabuhan Ratu og Sawarna
Small – Empty – Beautiful
160731 0011 Pelabuhan Ratu og Sawarna
Keep our beach clean! Cimaja had plenty of small, kook-friendly waves this morning…
160731 0010 Pelabuhan Ratu og Sawarna
Then this thing suddenly showed up!
160731 0019 Pelabuhan Ratu og Sawarna
Selfie sticks are for suckers, right?
160731 0018 Pelabuhan Ratu og Sawarna
Sunrise drone flight in front of Ocean Queen Resort.


Note to self (and other surfers):
Location: Pelabuhan Ratu area, West Java. (130-something km from Jakarta, a 4-6 hours drive depending on traffic.)
Surf: There are quite a few breaks between the village in the east, and the boarder to Banten in the west. Cimaja is the most famous and crowded one, and for good reasons.
Eat: Nasi Goreng.
Sleep: Ocean Queen Resort.
Repeat: Second visit. Had fun the last time too.

Java Surf trip

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  1. Wtf selfie sticks are for suckers??? You taught me everything I know about go poles. Go Pro or go home. I need to buy a drone now.

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