Surfing Pacitan in East Java (First post)

Hey friends and family (and other stalkers)!

This is my first blog post. So I guess I’m a blogger now. Let me get right to it…

I just spent five days learning Bahasa Indonesia with Wisma Bahasa in Yogyakarta. After five hours a day saying “Saya tidak tahu” (I don’t know) and “Saya  tidak mengerti” (I don’t understand), I hired a driver and headed to Pacitan for some much needed quality time, alone with my surfboard.

It’s always exciting waking up at first light to check out a new surf spot. I was met by low tide and a double overhead closeout barrel… If you don’t know what that means, imagine showing up in a skiing resort just to find out that there are constant avalanches in all the slopes. Luckily, high tide came with some ridable peaks for a kook like me.

There are a lot of spectacular waves in Indonesia, this is not one of them. But with only a handful of people in the water I was super stoked. After surfing in the morning, my plan was to explore the area. It turned out to be impossible to rent a scooter, so I went for a nap instead.

That’s it, Ronny.

160724 0203 Yogya etc
Golden hour makes up for crazy surfing conditions
160724 0014 Yogya etc
Crazy surfing conditions – avalanche
160723 0012 Yogya etc
Perfect wind indicators, visible from my bed
160723 0011 Yogya etc
Palm trees, just because
160723 0010 Yogya etc
Not too many people around

Note to self (and other surfers):
Location: Pantai Teleng Ria, Pacitan, East Java. (3-4 hours drive from Yogyakarta).
Surf: Beach break, all sand. Well suited for kooks, and it’s uncrowded. For forecast check Pacitan at Bring all you and your board need.
Eat: Delicious fresh tuna at Sea View Restaurant. Most of my meals were BBQ Chicken with French fries.
Sleep: I stayed at Surfing Bay Cottages. It was okay. I walked by Harry’s Ocean House, which looked pretty cool. They have scooters, for guests only.
Repeat: I might go back.

Java Surf trip

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