A roadtrip through Flores

Many people have told me that Flores is their favorite part of Indonesia, so I was pretty excited to finally explore the island myself. I already visited the Komodo Nationalpark two times (check it out here: Green or brown), but now it was time to travel through the main island.

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Postcards from Java

Two weeks traveling through Java I invited 7 of my most adventurous friends to Indonesia and dragged them on a two week trip through the most populous island in the world. During the trip we were on a small 12 seater airplane, and some of us crashed a scooter. We surfed a long mellow point…

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Gunung Gede – 2958 m

Gunung Gede (Mount Gede) is located just 2-3 hours south of Jakarta, and is therefore way too close to the city to carry any expectations. I just wanted to get out of the hangry city and hike a volcano during the peaceful month of Ramadan (it turns out fasting people are generally not too keen…

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Mount Rinjani – 3726 m

I saw it coming It all started in Ubud almost four years ago. I was about to go back to my rice field bungalow when I ran into a couple of beers and a german with an idea to climb Gunung Agung that same night. 10 hours later we were watching the sun rise from…

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Bandung frames

Here’s a small photo update from my weekend trip to Bandung. I don’t have much to say about the trip, except the air was surprisingly cold up there, like a Norwegian summer. And I saw more than I expected to in just two days. Even though I spent a lot of time in the car,…

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